Day services to Morrow County residents were included in that choice process. This process was also followed for transportation and community services. 

What happened to the County Board adult services staff? 

The goal of transitioning our Adult Services program was to include all staff. All Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) were given the opportunity to meet with MARCA leadership and all were extended employment offers. Employees who transition from county board public employment to the same or similar positions due to this privatization process are given the opportunity to continue in the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) so they may continue with their retirement plans. For a specified period of time, transitioned employees can choose to opt out of OPERS. Transitioned employees will also pay into Social Security because they are working for a private employer. Salary and benefits are now determined by the private provider. 

How does this transition affect the County Board’s need for tax levies? 

This transition does not reduce the need for county board levies. Local levy funds provide nearly 100% of the cost for non-Medicaid services and matching funds, at approximately 40% of the cost, for Medicaid (waiver) funded services. The funding for the Adult Day privatized services basically moves from direct expenses in our budget, like salaries, benefits and supplies, to our waiver match and locally funded expenses. County Boards must send matching funds to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) quarterly, and DODD uses these funds to draw down federal Medicaid funds to pay private providers when they bill for services. This process will now be the same for Adult Day services provided by MARCA at Whetstone as it has been for other Adult Day providers who were already providing services to county residents, and as it has been for Residential and Community Services, which have been provided by private providers for many years. Local levy funds also fund Early Intervention therapies and services, Service and Support Administration (SSA/case management), Supported Living, Investigative Agent services, and all non-Medicaid funded services, including Special Olympics, Family Directed Resources, community outreach and the administrative functions required of county boards. 

Did Morrow DD sell the Whetstone Industries building? 

MorrowDD leases the Whetstone building and related equipment to MARCA. The county board will still ensure the upkeep of this facility while MARCA ensures that the day-to-day custodial and operation-related maintenance services are maintained. The items leased to MARCA remain county board property and will be returned to MorrowDD if MARCA no longer needs them. 

Have more questions? 

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